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Warehousing Services
"This way up" to a stellar warehousing experience.

Warehouse Facility Information

248,000 square feet
Concrete tilt wall, concrete floors, metal roof.
34 dock high doors, 1 ramp, 1 truck well
Seven docks for fifty-foot rail cars
Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, shipping nationally & internationally,
Central monitoring, motion detection, video surveillance. Tornado shelter.
Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR) ceiling-mounted sprinklers.
Bugler alarm, fire alarm, and emergency alarm system.
Public warehousing, contract warehousing, in-house distribution.
Warehousemen's legal $1,000,000.00 liability insurance.
DGNO, OPEN to reciprocal switching with BNSF, KCS, UP.

Broad Range of Distribution Services

Broad Range of Distribution Services
Trucks, tractors, van trailers, flatbed trailers, lift gates, rail drayage, electric pallet jacks and more.
We have everything necessary to rise to any task...

Warehouse Services

260,000 Square Feet

Premium space at a affordable prices.

Computerized, protected, online-accessible, inventory
WhiteStar's clean, modern warehousing facility features more than 260,000 square feet of digitized warehouse space. Computerized organization enables us to provide many services that other companies cannot offer.

this way upWe don't know that you should. Without knowing anything about your company and needs, we can't say that we're your best option. But if you need warehousing services, freight transportation or distribution, there's a good chance we can exceed your needs. We'd be happy to learn more about your needs to see if we are your best match. Whether we're shipping on demand, delivering goods to your customers or helping to move inventory between your facilities, we understand the importance of each shipment. As one of the best logistics service providers in the region, our customers range from those who need a one time local pickup and delivery to long term contractual customers needing dependable warehousing and distribution services.

Perfecting our Services Since 1980

With more than 35 years experience, we provide freight transportation services on every scale, from Fortune 500 companies to single proprietors.

While the scope of their needs vary, they all have one thing in common; needing to provide a high level of service at a competitive prices.

Understanding this truth is one thing. But providing it everyday, is what sets us apart.

Our Advantages

We are proud of our staff and believe that they are the true secret to our success. This also gives us direct control over your service level.
From satellite tracking and on board communications in our trucks to RF order picking in our warehouses, we have the tools to handle your freight efficiently.
Asset Based
We've made significant investments in personnel, property and equipment. We'll be here for you not only when things go smoothly, but more importantly, we'll be here should a problem arise.
PRODUCTS HANDLED include paper, pallets, rolls (up to 60"), lumber, plywood, industrial materials, motorized equipment, appliances, raw materials, retail products, general merchandise, pulp, building materials, and electronics.
Corrugated Cases
Wooden Crates
Paper Spools
Flat Packs

Supply Chain Services for Freight

We provide management solutions for warehousing services at your location with our employees or yours.
We provide planning and execution capabilities to shippers including freight payment to improve customer service.
Outsourced logistics for part or all of the links in your supply chain system.
We are a full service warehousing company. Keep your goods moving with our services.
Maintain full control without the headaches, liability and compliance concerns.
We manage the process and flow of goods from origin to destination.
Keep your needs and your costs in line. Great for handling seasonal fluctuations in business.
Whether by land, air or sea, we can help get your goods where they need to go.
Getting product into and out of the transportation network can either strengthen or break your supply chain.
Establish a distribution center in a new region customized to your needs.
Our access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers ensure that you get the best rates and the best selection of carriers.
Rail to truck / truck to rail / container to truck/ truck to container. We can keep your freight moving.
The foundation of your supply network shipping direct to wholesalers, retailers or consumers.
Same day or time critical, ground expedited or air charter to meet your deadlines.
A superior and cost effective alternative to high cost LTL shipments.
One of the most vital links in your supply chain. Make sure the customer gets what they ordered.
Motor transport can service more customers and locations than any other mode of transportation.
We can help you find reliable carriers with economical rates that give you the competitive edge.
We can supervise the supply, storage and accessibility of your items.
Small package, pallet or partial truckloads around commercial zones in Dallas, Houston and New Orleans.
Intermodal services to get your product to and from ports or rail ramps.
Need a place to store raw materials, components or finished goods? Temporary or long term, bulk stacked or racked.
Exclusive use of labor and equipment for only the time that you need.


Barry G.

"The warehouse at WhiteStar is one of the cleanest and most organized warehouses I have ever been in. All the employees appear to be very well trained and the floors are kept very clean."

-Barry G.
(800) 229-5519


1036 S. International Road
1036 S. International Road
Garland, Tx
Garland, Texas 75042
Office Phone Numbers
Office 214-703-1000 | F 214-703-1022
Warehouse Phone
Whrse 214-703-1030 | F 214-703-1033


Office: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F
Warehouse: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm M-F
Receiving: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm M-F
Shipping: 12:00 am - 8:00 pm M-F